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What determines the blend?
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So many factors will play a part when we design a blended course, and it is important to remember that the learner should be the centre of all our design considerations. So, number one is:

Learner characteristics

  • age, gender, previous learning experience
  • culture and context
  • access to facilities needed for the learning including internet
  • learning style preferences
  • access for collaboration with other learners
  • connection with facilitator

Learning content

  • theoretical or practical - or a mix?
  • access to workplace experience
  • possibilities for active learning
  • access to learning resources

Provider factors

  • teacher's experience and preferences
  • budget
  • resources available

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Maximum 300 words.

You have met these people before! From this list, select ONE situation and briefly outline the blended learning tools that you would select when designing a course, and briefly explain your reasons for choosing these tools.

1. A young man aged 17 who wants to study Automotive Engineering under the Youth Guarantee Scheme. He lives in Dunedin.

2. A 31 year old mother of twins who has done 4 years' work experience as a business secretary but has no qualifications. She wants to get a Diploma in Business Administration but she is too busy at home to attend a fulltime course, so she wants to do it part-time or by distance education. She lives in Manukau City, South Auckland.

3. A 25 year old man who has worked on a fishing boat for 9 years, but now wants to become a Master of a deep-sea fishing vessel. He lives in Nelson.

4. An Occupational Therapist who is 45 years of age and works in the Westport district. Although this is in a rural area, she has excellent internet access. She wants to upgrade her qualification by studying at a postgraduate level to attain a PG Diploma in Occupational Health Practice.

5. A young lady straight out of school who really wants to travel. She thinks the best way to do this is to become a flight attendant with an international airline. She lives in Rotorua and her parents don't want her to leave home just yet.

When you have completed your report, upload it to the Moodle Assignment tool or email it to your tutor.