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The use of Multimedia in tertiary education

You will remember our discussion on learning styles, and the choice of media appropriate to the content being taught. Blended learning includes a blend of media also - the trick is to use the best medium for the job, not just because we can! For example, Viticulture students have to learn how an airbag press works. It is not recommended to put your head inside one while it is working! A simple animation shows this process very well - click airbag press for grapes here.

Indira Gandhi National Open University has published an excellent introduction to the use of multimedia in education and training - click here

For some great examples of the uses of multimedia in education, click here. If you are an engineering student, don't watch this!

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Find three different teaching resources which use various media. The topic could be any subject at all that you have some knowledge of. You can post links to them and your comments on why you think they are useful to the Moodle forum or email the information to your tutor.