Assessing for Prior Learning

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Welcome and Introductions

Heather Day

Welcome to Assessing for Prior Learning.(A4PL)

Kia ora, I'm Heather Day the course coordinator and I hope this course provides you with understandings into the principles and practices of the recognition of prior learning (RPL) from the perspective of both an assessor and a candidate. You will get the opportunity to explore how evidence can be gathered and presented and how sound assessment decisions are made.

The schedule found under the course modules tab is for formal learners. This course is is designed as a self paced independent learning package (of estimated 8 to 10 week duration on average) with facilitated support.

Informal learners are welcome to either follow the schedule in your own time or dip into the resources and play with the information shared in the hope that it adds to your own learning.

Quick Link to Course Modules
Module One Introduction to RPL
Module Two Evidence
Module Three Valuing experience and learning
Module Four Candidates perspective
Module Five Portfolios
Module Six Professional assessment conversations
Module Seven Diversity and cultural sensitivity
Module Eight Assessments and Professional Judgements

Attached is the 2014 course outline for formal participants.

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Participants can formally enrol by emailing

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Course Aim

To enhance participants’ understandings of, and insights into, the principles and practices of prior learning and associated debates in a tertiary context and explore how evidence can be presented and assessed.

To prepare participants for a prior learning assessment process using a model designed to evaluate evidence against predetermined learning outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • 1. consider the role(s) of prior learning in tertiary education
  • 2. gain understandings of and insights into the principles and practices underpinning prior learning
  • 3. explore culturally sensitive ways in which evidence of prior learning can be presented and assessed
  • 4. critically reflect on own significant prior learning and review related evidence against predetermined learning outcomes
  • 5. consider assessment strategies and the authenticity of evidence
  • 6. demonstrate how professional judgement informs the assessment process