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Helpful Notes

Searching for Content on WikiEducator and the Community Media node

We recommend using Google Search - put in the following keywords: "WikiEducator" "Community Media" and the Media Type (i.e., radio, TV/Video, and even the Organization that you know, or think created the materials. You will likely get a nice list.

As you find the materials you are looking for, please make a note of it...and even link to is on your User Page, or your Organization's Home Page within WikiEducator Community Media Node (see Organisation and Navigation (below).

Organisation & Navigation

Within the Community Media space (i.e., www.wikieducator.org/Community_Media please create a new page, using your Organization as the name for the new page. Do this in CAPITAL LETTERS if you like. (i.e., http://www.wikieducator.org/Community_Media/MAARA} This is referred to as your Organization's Home Page. (on this page, please be sure to include the Community_Media Navigation template}

Please put in some brief information about your organization (2-3 paragraphs, including your Organization's interests, contact people and interests / collaboration interests). Then, have a List of Resource Materials - with linked topics or subjects.

Adding Course Content and Learning Materials

When you are ready to add the actual content and resources, then make a new page, AFTER your Organization's name (i.e., http://www.wikieducator.org/Community_Media/MAARA/New_page (Note the use of the Underscore to create spaces between words).

Then, you can have a nice way to set up your courses. (There will be information about creating a template for easier navigation among the course content).

Be sure to create a List of Resources Materials on your Organization's Home Page, and then deep link this list to the titles that your Organisation has created.

Creating New Pages on the WikiEducator Community Media node