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This is a special purpose template only to be used in one particular context: the "Be Libre" project.


  1. Charter
  2. Muse
  3. Resources
  4. Discuss
  5. Plan
  6. Draft
  7. Refine
  8. Publish

The Process (uncollapsed collapsible table) on the right is produced by:

{{Be Libre Process}}

The 'Edit' link opens a separate page Be Libre Process for editing. This page is included into the template when used.

Do not put anything other than a minimal set of links into that page.

When using the template, the Process table may be collapsed by defining the 'collapsed' parameter (see below).



{{Be Libre Process|collapsed=anything}}
collapsed - if defined the table will be collapsed (irrespective of value - even if set to 'false' etc.).


To Do

Refine this template to distinguish between (e.g.) 'true' and 'false' for parameter collapsed.