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  1. Charter
  2. Muse
  3. Resources
  4. Discuss
  5. Plan
  6. Draft
  7. Refine
  8. Publish

See the project Charter for leadership planning.


  • Informal (so far)
  • Make it up as we go along
  • Everything can change
  • Nothing need be sequential
  • Expect contradictions
  • Incremental improvement
  • Continuous integration
  • Conduct.
  • ...


For now, open to anyone who happens to find this page and is interested. No campaigns to recruit participants.

See the Community page.


  • Project Charter: not too formal, changeable.
  • Learning
    • Undirected[1]: continuously inquire, speculate, search, link, theorise, evaluate, refine, ... and contribute to the pages here to collect our cumulative knowledge.
    • Muse: think (logically and laterally) and add thoughts and ideas to the page.
    • Resources: add links etc. to web resources of relevance.
    • Trails: share interesting knowledge pathways you have found.
    • Patterns[2]: develop an inventory of patterns:
      • Use the template currently defined as {{Pattern}}
  • Scoping: ongoing - discuss.
  • Structuring: on-going - discuss.
  • Writing
    • Prepare a style guide[3].
    • Develop Topics with a view to including them in the draft.
    • Refine the patterns in the same way[4] as for topics.
    • Chapters, paragraphs, ...: when ready, link to topics and start incorporating/writing.
  • Reviewing (on-going and continuous)
  • Editing (on-going and continuous)
  • Eventually consolidate, refine and publish - book(s), article(s), essay(s), ....

To Do


  • Style guide



  • Change all links to [[Be_Libre/Brain_dump]] to go directly to Musings.
  • Check usage of [[Be Libre/Process]] vs {{Be Libre Process}} (latter preferred as it is more flexible)


  1. A loose form of "progressive inquiry".
  2. The process for patterns development may be refined
  3. This will make it easier to 'Create a book' with heading levels etc. consistent. See for example OER Handbook/educator/Style guide.
  4. e.g. one page per pattern which may be incorporated via a template with a 'name = ' parameter.