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Teachers Without Borders (TWB) Courses - Certificate of Teaching Mastery (CTM)

  • Course 1: Education for the New Millennium (col10336)
  • Course 2: New Teaching Methods (col10333)
  • Course 3: Assessment Practices (col10337)
  • Course 4: Culture for Understanding (col10334)
  • Course 5: Educating for Civil Societies (col10335)

Other courses

  • Health Education Course (col10330)
  • HIV-AIDS for Educators (col10329)
  • Introductory Seminar (col10327)
  • Mentorship for Teacher Leaders (col10622)
  • A Summary of Principles (m13285)

Coming soon...

  • Voices of Teachers - Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria puts on a "Voice of Teachers Radio Show" each week that reaches millions of listeners in Nigeria and discusses important topics that are relevant to teachers. Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria needs volunteers to serve as correspondents that will gather news, conduct interviews and seek for sponsorships of the Voice of Teachers radio show in all 36 states of Nigeria.
  • Voices of Teachers Suggestions for teachers by teachers - series of short (approximately 1-2 minutes / 120-200 words) suggestions by teachers for teachers. Topics include classroom management, student diversity, community empowerment... Includes a summary of the suggestion and discussion questions for teachers to consider when using the suggestions in their own teaching.
  • Teacher Collaboration - general ideas about teacher training, some planning - lots of general questions in CollabOERation page, too
  • CollabOERation projects - TWB Nigeria and WikiEducator collaborations - including stubs for Peace and Human Rights programs
  • Millennium Development Goals - MDGs related eradication of poverty and hunger, gender equality and women empowerment, HIV/AIDS, environmental sustainability and promoting partnership among educators for development.