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Millennium Development Goals

Online Millennium Development Goals Volunteers (Updated February 12, 2010)

Location: Anywhere

Description: Raphael Oko, Teachers Without Borders African Regional Coordinator, is looking for online volunteers to support Millennium Development Ambassadors with their work in Nigeria. Millennium Development Ambassadors are local leaders who are working on programs and projects that are devoted to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. These volunteers will help MDAs that need support online with their programs and projects. The length of the volunteer opportunity is contingent on the specific needs of the MDA. To volunteer for this opportunity an individual needs reliable internet access and proficient English skills.

Contact: If you are interested, please contact African Regional Coordinator Raphael Oko via email: raphael@teacherswithoutborders.org

The MDGs Online volunteers work with us to develop educational resources devoted to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for educators to use in classrooms, community centers etc. Some volunteers work with us as outreach coordinators recruiting interested persons to become Millennium Development Ambassadors in their local communities or work with existing Ambassadors to support ongoing programs in local communities. We are looking at options to promote the work of such MDGs Ambassadors online so that they are connected to others and their efforts can be seen beyond their local communities. Volunteers can also work with us to mobilize educational resources (especially books, laptops, etc) that can be placed in local MDGs Community Teaching and Learning Centers.

On the MDGs, we are currently more focused expanding access to education by working with other excluded but illiterate groups like women in market places, youths in motor parks and local communities who never had or missed opportunities of completing primary education. We also working on MDGs related eradication of poverty and hunger, gender equality and women empowerment, HIV/AIDS, environmental sustainability and promoting partnership among educators for development. In additon we are developing resources on Human rights education for teachers as well as Peace Education Course for Teachers.