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WikiEducator Teacher Collaboration Portal


Purpose of the Portal

We would like to invite you to join the WikiEducator Teacher Collaboration Portal and Discussion Forum (on Google), which was created to provide educators around the globe with a platform to share knowledge, and to develop open content, specifically tailored to their needs.

If you have open educational resources which you would like to contribute to this portal, feel free to upload or ask for help.

What we are hoping to see is that this platform will develop into an active, creative and international platform of teachers for teachers who can meet and learn from each other. It is a place where to enhance the teachings in your classrooms, get inspired, trained, creative and empowered for the benefit of your students and yourself.

Please request to be registered on the Discussion Forum by writing to Patricia Schlicht. Kindly also list your details under the "People" tab on this site.

We encourage you to get the members of your faculties, colleges, schools and different teaching institutions involved by providing them with an introduction, the link to the teacher collaboration portal as well as the link of the discussion forum, which can also be found on this page.


Join us, you'll be glad you did!

Please list your details under the link below as indicated

List of participating Teachers around the Globe

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How to create an Account on WikiEducator

Instructions of how you could register for one of our free Learning4Content workshops

  1. Directly on this wiki (however you first need to create an account on WikiEducator (see above). Choose a suitable date and click on the corresponding "Wiki" link; or
  2. By email. Please choose a suitable date and click on the corresponding "email" link -- be sure to include:
    • Date of the course offered
    • Country of Residence
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Gender
    • Organization
    • Title/Position
    • Email address
    • Phone number (including country code)
    • Your Wiki user id (write it down somewhere):

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In the News

Launch of the Teacher Collaboration Portal

The new WikiEducator Teacher Education Portal which was launched on April 4, 2009 received a very encouraging response in the Commonwealth and beyond. As of June 2009, 900+ educators in over 49 countries registered to be part of this collaborative effort. Additional teachers/countries are expected to come on board in the coming days and weeks.
Comments from the Ministry of Education in Trinidad & Tobago such as "...once again COL has provided a forum for collaboration...we can recall Trinidad and Tobago has benefited from WikiEducator training courtesy of COL over the past few years.....as a Ministry we take advantage of this opportunity to have our teachers collaborate to develop content, lesson plans....We have more than 100 teachers who participated in WIKI training last year...how can we build on this" and...the National University of Samoa commented that "this is a very useful and important resource and forum....It welcomed their staff to take relevant information to support their own work but also to make contributions to WikiEducator".
All participants are former Learning4Content online or face-to-face workshop attendees. Participating educators have been invited to rejoin this portal/forum in an now major collaboration campaign, to create open educational resources that not only benefit themselves but also their own environment as well as others, by moving closer together and collaborate in subject areas of mutual interest, to develop open educational resources (OERs) on Wikieducator directly.
The flood of received emails from around the globe welcomed the new portal with enthusiasm, optimism and encouragement.

Learning4Content Workshop Record Participation

The last of many Learning4Content workshops on WikiEducator since inception of the Learning4Content project attracted a record number of 280 participants, who are currently taking the free online training in exchange for one free lesson on WikiEducator. It is anticipated that the L4C online and f2f training workshops will continue once new arrangements are in place.

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New free Learning4Content workshop

September 21 - Octber 5,2011

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Sep 21-Oct 5, 2011



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