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  • Problem:
  • Issues:
  1. Discuss the learning issues i.e what you know and what you need to know.
  2. Divide the Problem into sub problems raising the difficulty related to sub problem from simple to complex. (Facilitator assistance given initially to familiarize with the process)
  3. Distribute task of learning. Select a leader, a documentor (for your problem blog), a critic in your group (Alternatively facilitator assigns roles)
  4. Prepare a time framework on online meetings.
  5. In meetings share your learning and in turn undertake problem solving
  6. Each individual documents
    • Individual learning and contribution
    • Peer review and assessment of peer contribution
    • Group Solution

Refer the main page to get tips. You faciltator is your friend, philosopher and guide. Collaborate together and solve the PROBLEM In real world one encounters problems and resolves them, the PoBL approach develops the desired Problem Solving Skills, which are highly desirable in todays world.


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The Problem018:38, 19 February 2012

The Problem

The Problem is that an institute needs teaching and learning strategies to address students from varying backgrounds, different grasping levels, different learning styles, and different aptitudes, attitudes and skills. Moreover last year the class with 100 had 11 who scored above 75% in theory 15 others got 65% in theory but did thei practicals very well getting 80 to 90%. 54 students got marks ranging from 55 to 65 %. Rest 20 failed. The faculty members five in number handle five subjects for the next semester and for the reputation of the institute thee is need of good results. There is need to overview different teaching methods and match them for different categories of students. The management also wants a white paper on issues

Ravi limaye (talk)18:38, 19 February 2012