Problem based learning/PoBL Problem Solving Collaboration

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  • This space would be used by mentioning the problem and triggers would be given from time to time by the Facilitator.
  • The Discussion Tab is used by discussing the problem.
  • After analyzing the problem the learners would press the tab discussionand use that area for discussions related to
  1. Learning issues
  2. P{roblem solving
  3. Peer views
  4. Discussing sub issues


The Twelve Principles are relevant even in PoBL

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Context of Learning and
  3. Sound Relationship between Teacher-learner, Learner-Learner
  4. Content sequencing and reinforcement
  5. Praxis : Learning by doing, action with reflection
  6. Respect for Learners as Decision Makers
  7. Ideas , Feelings, Actions are valued: i.e Cognitive,Affective and Psychomotor aspects are developed
  8. Immediacy
  9. Clear Roles and Role Development
  10. Teamwork and use of small groups
  11. Engagement of Learners in what they are learning
  12. Accountability : How do learners know they have learnt ?