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ICEBLOCK - talk about COOL021:51, 18 October 2009
Antarctica for Trishie011:45, 24 August 2009
Well done!011:44, 24 August 2009
Antarctica for trish011:44, 24 August 2009
Antarctica011:43, 24 August 2009

ICEBLOCK - talk about COOL

Heya Trisha this page is beginning to look amazing -

Rekrapenator (talk)22:16, 5 September 2009

Antarctica for Trishie

Hi Trish

You have done a wonderful job on Antarctica - Way to go! I hope you have a wonderful journey and find out heaps and heaps!!! Regards Wendy Russell

Wrussell (talk)11:45, 24 August 2009

Well done!

This is looking so fantastic Trisha. Very informative and easy to access the information. Good on yer! Brenda

Blilley (talk)11:43, 24 August 2009

Antarctica for trish

your iceblock page is amazing! A great way to share your info and talent! ICEBLOCK is so clever!!! Keep up the good work!! June

Andersonjm (talk)11:44, 24 August 2009


Hi there, Your page is looking amazing and is very informative. Janine

Janinec (talk)11:43, 24 August 2009