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Ideas for going about this:

... ?

What kind of game(s)?

One or more of:

Learning about evolutionary sustainability

Processes and history ...

  • Speciation
  • Why the dinosaurs became extinct
  • Current extinction rates
    • why
    • habitat destruction, pollution and other human impacts
    • what could we have done differently?
    • what shall we do differently from now on?
    • what has to change?

With real life activities

  • A thought[1]: the kind of game that involves people in their daily activities and ventures
    • players log actions etc. to score points
      • Food
        • vegan today: +50
        • vegetarian today: +30
        • only vegetables and white meat today: +20
        • pesco vegetarian today: +15
        • installed window farm[2]
      • Energy saving
        • installed solar panels to generate X kWatts (on average over a year): +X x C
        • hung the washing today instead of using electric dryer: +10
        • cycled to work X km instead of driving: +X x current fuel index
        • ...
      • Supported sustainability initiative:
        • <initiative i>: +$m x <i's impact per $ index>
        • <initiative j>: +$n x <j's impact per $ index>
        • etc.
    • sharing knowledge about sustainability
      • shared my experience on how to ... (on WikiEducator or other libre knowledge site)
      • ...

Existing Aligned Games


  1. After watching Jane McGonigal's TED talk: Gaming can make a better world
  2. See for example: R&D-I-Y.