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Think back into history ... recorded history ... evolutionary history ... what if ... you could go back in time and change something?

Speculate about the future ... scenarios ... what could be done now to bring about positive scenarios ... avert negative ones?

If we succeed in securing sustainable evolution on planet Earth, ..., develop scenarios, ..., describe what that could mean, ..., what might life be like?

What philosophical questions do the game scenarios raise?

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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for this game (its construction and ultimately playing it) could include:

  • Game design
  • Understand historical events and trends which have brought us to this place in history.
  • ... speculate on alternative scenarios that could have unfolded ... that might unfold ...
  • Understand and describe the current situation ...
  • Designing the future
  • Sustainable design
  • Understanding concepts of evolution ...
  • ...


It might be fun to invent some time travelling companions (characters or participants ...) ... develop scenarios ... towards a playable game which continually evolves ... a "blockbuster"?

Links to Game Scenarios

  • ...


Sources of inspiration for this game concept:


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    • Make templates to attach to the relevant pages indicating this.