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This "wiki blog" is a place for anyone interested to post thoughts for discussion or to draw attention to relevant activities elsewhere (etc.)

31 October 2011

On libre lens

In terms of Being Libre, celebrating this milestone of 7 billion is an anti-pattern, and does not bode well for Sustainable evolution unless it stimulates change.

16 October 2011

Related initiative (linking libre knowledge to sustainability): Be Libre.

29 September 2011

Kim Tucker 20:37, 29 September 2011 (UTC) Made the following point on a LinkedIn discussion "Economist of the World":

Continued [over]use of the term "economic _growth_" will lead us deeper into an obviously unsustainable situation. A new paradigm is required for policy formulation which focuses on "quality of life" i.e. _all_ life with all of its diversity and evolutionary potential.

"Economic growth" has potential negative effects: .

A long term more holistic view of sustainability should underpin all discussions on 'economic policy' in cognisance of the fact that the natural environment is the source of all life. This is universal.

18 Dec 2010

Starting this blog ... and added the Game section. Kim Tucker 01:15, 18 December 2010 (UTC)