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Learning outcomes
Your portfolio covers the following Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify and examine sustainability in a tourism context
  • Identify and analyse the complexity and challenges of sustainability in tourism
  • Discuss and evaluate the implementation of sustainable practices for all sectors of tourism
  • Discuss the future focus for sustainable practice in relation to the tourism industry and enterprises

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Portfolio Activity

The aim of this activity is for you to increase your knowledge and understanding around sustainability in a tourism context. To assist with this you are required to create and complete an ePortfolio over the 8 weeks of this course. This activity forms 60% of your total mark for this course. There will be one progress review during this time to ensure that work is being kept up to date and is relevant and to the standard required for the tasks outlined below:

1. Using the topics (6 in total), as introduced from the course blog, create a post, in your e-Portfolio, which:

  • Summarises, in your own words, the area of learning (covered during the week - 300 words approx). This post should contain some visual aspect eg. picture, graphic, video etc
  • Provides a further (new) discussion/reflection (400 words) building on the topic/s and including at least two new resource/links to the topic. This post must also contain some visual aspect eg. a photo, graph, video etc

These posts should be completed weekly (6 posts). Your first post will include an introduction of yourself.

2. Special Topic: This posting will be centred around the topic "community of tourism" and will require you to research and investigate other current tourism blogs (4) - analysing their value to the reader. (600 words). Identify the post by calling it "Special Topic". Please provide a visual aspect as described above to this post.

3. Add all completed activities, undertaken during this course (these will be provided on the course blog and in classroom sessions) to your e-Portfolio - under a section named "Activities".

4. Visit and comment on fellow students ePortfolio posts (at least 3 other students).

5. Your ePortfolio contents must be to an appropriate standard for this level of learning and cover the range expected in the marking guide (attached to the course outline).

Due: Thursday: 21 November, 2018 at 5pm - Your portfolio will have been reviewed once before this date.

Please ensure you read the marking guide attached to the Course Outline as this will provide greater depth and details for the standard of work required and the marks allocated for this activity.