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Learning outcomes
Your group presentation covers the following Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify and examine sustainability in a tourism context
  • Identify and analyse the complexity and challenges of sustainability in tourism
  • Discuss and evaluate the implementation of sustainable practices for all sectors of tourism
  • Discuss the future focus for sustainable practice in relation to the tourism industry and enterprises

This is a group assessment consisting of a written project and verbal presentation.

Part 1: You are required to carry out an in-depth analysis (project) of a tourism enterprise (chosen in conjunction with your lecturer) and its sustainable practices

Part 2: You must then present the project as a group.

This project/presentation is worth 40% of your total mark for this course.

Project - Part 1

  • Review: Introduction and background - describe the purpose/operations of your enterprise from a current and historical perspective
  • Explore: The external and internal environment within which your enterprise currently operates - this is to include a SWOT and PESTEL analysis
  • Identify and describe: Its key products and services, organizational structure, mission and vision statements
  • Analyse: The effectiveness of your enterprises interpretation of "Sustainable Tourism" through the lens of heritage, conservation, culture, and social responsibility. Provide examples from your enterprises operations to support your analysis.

This project should be 1500 words approx.

Presentation - Part 2

Your presentation is to be centered around your project - and will be held in class time on Monday, November 5 at 10am.

  • Each group member must individually present a portion of the project
  • Your presentation should be at least 15 minutes in length
  • Any media used in the slideshow should not be longer than one minute
  • Your slideshow should consist of no more than 5 slides

  • After you have presented to the class there will be a five minute interval for questions from the audience.

Due: The project (Part 1) and your slides for your presentation are due Monday, November 5 by 9am. Please email to []

Please ensure you read the marking guide attached to the course outline to provide more depth to the tasks being asked of you

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