Students - Lesson Six

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Learning Intention:

For students to experience and transfer the vocabulary, sentence structures and the grammar they have learnt throughout the unit in real or authentic environments outside the classroom. Students will demonstrate developing knowledge of vocabulary and sentence structures through a reflective journal.

WALT (We Are Learning To):

1. Use the vocabulary and sentence structures we have learnt so far, in a shopping task.

2. Demonstrate our ability to use shopping vocabulary from this unit in English across a range of tasks and situations.

3. Monitor our own progress in this unit by recording reflections and evaluations in an on-going journal.

Success Criteria

We know we will have achieved this when:

1. We have successfully completed the shopping task using a broad range of vocabulary and sentence structures from across this unit.

2. We have successfully completed all tasks, activities and assessments set by the teacher.

3. We have recorded reflective journal entries and scores in our journal as indicated during each lesson.