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We are a group of students, most of us educators, embarked in a M.Sc Educational technology (2009 - 2011)at the University of Mauritius.

This article is in partial fulfillment of the module Social Networking delivered by our lecturer Mrs. Cooshna-Naik Dorothy.

Our team is composed of the following persons.

1. Chris (The Team Leader)

Hello, I'm an educator teaching high school students in a private secondary school, College du Saint Esprit.
I, once, taught Chemistry and Maths but now has moved on to the teaching of computing. I'm very much interested in e-learning technologies as I find that they come at an appropriate time,where the world is progressing very fast in all domains, accumulating vast amount of knowledge, and there is a pressing need to pass on these knowledge to the future generation. WikiEducator is one among others which provide the right tools for disseminating these knowledge more rapidly and effectively to a wider population of students at the beginning of this 21'st century.

2.--Prema leckraz 07:50, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

    Hello everyone. This Poornima Leckraz, working as primary school in Mauritius. I am happy to be part of team B and
    looking forward to make this wiki journey an enjoyable one with your collaboration.

I strongly believe that even at primary level e-technology can enhance and improve learning outcomes. It's very important we gradually but surely move from traditional methods to novice ones to empower these young persons with skills to face the challenges of the iron age.

3. Surekha

    Hi everyone!I'm Surekha Reechaye and actually i'm not an educator but i believe its really not important to be an 
    educator to understand the state of art of social networking within the student's community in Mauritius as we can 
    do so through observation in our surrounding,survey and so on but i agree it become easy to study this as an educator.
    Well,its really great to participate in this project and especially having a wiki page for our group.Wiki has really
    been something great as tool of e-learning.

4.--Gino 09:17, 3 January 2010 (UTC)'

    Hi I am a secondary school teacher in a state school. I teach chemistry to girls between 13 to 19 years old in a 
    village in the west of the island. My philosophy of education is being a teacher for life