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This area is for the WikiEducator community to engage in curriculum development activities around Social Entrepreneurship.

A parallel site is under development on Wikiversity: Curriculum area on the Social Entrepreneurship Wikiversity portal and discussion on the general section of the curriculum.


In this area we will be sharing ideas around the themes and specific content for a social entrepreneurship curriculum. Below are some possible areas which suggest a course outline:

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
  • Understanding Developing Communities
  • Social Innovation
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Developing an Idea
  • Sharing the Idea and Raising Awareness
  • Resources and Processes
  • Fundraising
  • Valuation -- How to assess ideas, projects, initiatives and students
  • Putting it all Together.

The above are being developed further on the Social Entrepreneurship portal on Wikiversity under "General".


Professional development


Community Perspectives

  • Engaging with Communities
    • Cultural Studies
    • Community Structures and Processes
    • Facilitation and Dialogue
    • Soft Systems Methodologies
  • Community Capacity building
    • Relevant life Skills
    • Lateral Thinking
    • Appropriate technology and knowledge transfer
    • Literacy
    • ICT Literacy
  • etc.


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