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This page indexes the projects that DeAnza College staff have initiated and help to maintain. All works by DeAnza College staff on the Wikieducator platform are licensed CC BY as per the Intellectual Property Policy of DeAnza College.

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Current Students


California History Center

Located on the DeAnza College campus, in the heart of Silicon Valley, the California History Center is an active focal point for California history studies and has been recognized as an "outstanding educational facility" by the State of California.

Emphasizing living history, the center provides students with a unique opportunity to "encounter the historic site, document, or experienced individual, and personally interpret and recreate a period in history."

The California History Center and Foundation present exhibits, offer classes with De Anza College, publish books and a periodical, and operate a library and archives. Special events including lectures, panel discussions and workshops are also featured.


  • DeAnza @ iTunesU - great collection of streaming audio and video appropriated for lower division college credit. Full courses - Math 10, Critical Thinking, Japanese, Political Science, Nursing, Nutrition as well as individual lectures

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