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At a Glance
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  • Short Name : <Please give short name of the University>
  • Motto : <Type the Motto, if any>
  • Established : <Year of Establishment>
  • Chancellor : <Name of the Chancellor>
  • Vice-Chancellor/President/CEO : <Name of the Head of University>
  • Staff strength :
    • Teaching : <Number of full-time Teaching faculty>
    • Non-teaching : <Number of full-time other staff members>
  • Location : <City, Country of HQs>
  • Campus : <Complete Address>


<Please provide name and designation of main contributors. This is optional. If you intend not to write names, please delete this Section.>

About the University

<Please write a para or two about the University>

Historical Development

<Please provide historical background of the University including its establishment>

Organizational Structure

<Please provide Oragnizational structure of the University>

Instructional System

<Write a brief about the Instructional System at the University. This may include description about various media and technologies used in teaching-learning at a distance.>

School of Studies/Faculties

<Description on the Schools/Faculties>

Learning Support Network

<Please detail about the University's Learning Support Network, describing Learning Centres, etc.>

Academic Programmes

<a brief description of the academic programmes offered by the university. It is envisaged that a list of academic programmes offered will be useful and thus given below is a link to upload the list>

List of Academic Programmes on offer

Enrolment and Success

<Please give a detailed account of student registration and their pass-out percentages for last five years.>

Administration and Governance

<Please provide details of administration and governance systems>

Finance and Budget

<You may like to provide details of income, expenditure and related financial aspects under this section for last five years.>


<Please provide a detailed note on the research activities of the University>

Extension Activities

<Please provide a note on the extension activities of the University>

International Reach

<A brief note on the International Reach of the university>

Acheivements and Highlights

<Please provide a note on acheivements in last couple of years and the highlights of the University>


<Please use this space for reflections on the University>


<Please provide list of references used to create the information on this page>

External Links

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