Drivers of fundamental change in education

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In this session we begin to explore the drivers of change in education and focus our attention on differentiating between trends (predetermineds) and key uncertainties. We will reflect on key uncertainties identified by international thought leaders from the education sector and introduce key uncertainties from our own experiences. We will work collaboratively to rank and prioritise identified uncertainties. Finally participants will be invited to select their own uncertainties for building their scenario.

Resources to work through

  1. Introduction and objectives
  2. Video signposts
  3. Trends
  4. Uncertainties
  5. FAQs

Learning activities

Activity Description Time Link
Video reflection Review video signposts from educational thought leaders 10 mins Video signposts
Microblog Share thoughts and reflections on video signposts 5 mins Video signposts
Microblog Brainstorm on drivers of change in education 5 mins Brainstorm: What do you think?
Reading Scanning NMC Horizon reports 30 mins Reflection: What do others think?
Web search Drivers of change in education 30 mins Reflection: What do others think?
Forum or blog post Selection and justification of major trends 30 mins Sharing major trends identified
Questionstorm Post and vote on identified uncertainties via ask.oeruniversity 30 mins Uncertainty questions
e-Learning activity Select the uncertainties for your scenario, generate a graphic illustrating the scenario matrix and share a brief justification of your choices. 45 mins Blog post to share your scenario matrix