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Centre of Excellence for Open Education Professional Development (CE-OEPD)

As an OER development platform and social learning ecosystem, WikiEducator is ideally positioned to be a global Centre of Excellence for Open Education Professional Development.

The CE-OEPD can be a place where educators learn new skills to help them achieve higher levels of competency and capability within their desired learning environments; and sharing their established knowledge and talents with others in the Community. Moreover, it can be used to leverage WE's extensive network of educational people and resources - to serve the needs of teacher-educators, educational institutions and learning organizations.

Building Your Skills & Confidence

The Centre also provides a place, where you can develop your education skills almost iteratively, in developing and revising / updating content. In other words, by adding content on the wiki, and refining it over time - with support from colleagues, and other folks that you will get to know as an educator, you will become better at what you do, more well versed in the application of blended learning technologies.

How it Works

Educator A identifies an area or interest that s/he wants to learn. Educator A identifies what Pro-D skills and competencies s/he can share. WE Community + CEO-PD makes connections to satisfy Educator A's interest in Pro-D. In return, Educator A develops or collaborates on the development open education Pro-D materials in line with his/her abilities, and potentially in Educator B, C, or D's interest.

Pro-D Courses & Modules