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Testing708:58, 30 October 2008
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Hi all,

I am venkatesan from chennai, having seven years experience in content authoring. I did various projects in Eztest, Delta authoring tool, Econ authoring tool, Finance authoring tool, Accounting authoring tool, Mathzone, Diploma, Test Bank, Examview, course build in Sitebuilder, Course build in Blackboard. If you find any projects in the above areas, please give me a chance to do that project. I will show my quality, talent and potential.

Thanks, Venkatesh

Venkatesan.sach (talk)23:02, 25 February 2012

Testing -- new topic

trying this out

WestCoastWahine (talk)07:04, 30 October 2008

Hi WestCoastWahine - where are you from....what are your interests.... we're here to support you.... --Randy Fisher 20:15, 29 October 2008 (UTC)

Wikirandy (talk)08:15, 30 October 2008

Hi Randy,

I'm located in California. I work for a company called Metacafe, an online video site which allows users to contribute to video metadata, wiki-style. We're looking for a solution like Liquid Thread to make Discussions more user-friendly on our wiki, and that's how i came upon WikiEducation. I hope you don't mind that I'm using your Practice talk page to, well, practice!

WestCoastWahine (talk)09:04, 30 October 2008
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How can I delete my testing threads ?

Itay (talk)05:19, 12 March 2008

this is a reply

Itay (talk)05:20, 12 March 2008

and another one - works great

Itay (talk)05:20, 12 March 2008
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here i go again....

Itay (talk)05:21, 12 March 2008


Onigoroshi (talk)06:56, 30 October 2008

Just a test


DavidMcCabe (talk)15:45, 6 December 2007


DavidMcCabe (talk)15:45, 6 December 2007

i'm liking that the format of this discussion page is a lot more user friendly than the ones i've seen on other wikis....

WestCoastWahine (talk)07:03, 30 October 2008

Velocity in biology 1

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I am newly registered in wikieducator and presented my thought in my profile. I would like to call discussions on this subjects.

Velocity can affect our life for example it can affect our circadian rhythm, biological clock, tiredness and feeling. These seem to be unrelated subjects, but in fact they are inter connected.

Myamamura (talk)13:46, 14 March 2008
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This is Liquid Threads.

DavidMcCabe (talk)14:29, 4 October 2007

Lorem etc.s

DavidMcCabe (talk)14:07, 4 October 2007


DavidMcCabe (talk)14:07, 4 October 2007

la la la

DavidMcCabe (talk)14:27, 4 October 2007