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Learning Summary

In this module you have explored the concepts of digital citizenship and digital literacy, thinking about the skills needed to effectively and safely use digital tools and media.

This leads on to exploring the actually skills that you already hold and then making a plan to learn those that will assist you in your work in the future. It is this focus on your digital literacy skills that you will discuss in your final portfolio submission.

Collate Evidence for use at the end of the final module

Some ideas for what you could use as evidence from this module:

  • Excerpts from your learning journal or whatever format you were using to record and keep track of your learning
  • A bibliography or annotated bibliography of what you have read during your exploration of this module.
  • Notes of your reflections on conversations you were part of

You do not need to submit work at the end of this module but continue to accumulate evidence for your portfolio.


If you have any course related questions make use of the Frequently Asked Question site on Moodle FAQs