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Learning Summary: Reflective Practice and self evaluation

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Key points
*Reflective practice is a defining characteristic of professional practice
  • Reflective practice involves thinking about:
    • What you do
    • How you do it
    • Why you do it
  • Timing affects the types of reflection
    • Reflection in action (while doing something)
    • Reflection on action (after you have done it)
  • Reflection needs to go somewhere – productive outcome

Your portfolio is the place to pull all this learning together.

Collating Evidence

Some ideas for what you could use as evidence:

  • Excerpts from your learning journal or whatever format you were using to record and keep track of your learning
  • A referenced list of all that you have read whilst exploring this topic (Bibliography)
  • An annoted bibliography (a referenced list with your own notes added, of all that you have read) - not familiar with annotated bibliographies? - check out Annotated Bibliographies or Writing an Annotated Bibliography or Annotated Bibliographies: What they are and how to prepare one
  • Notes of your reflections on conversations you were part of
  • Links to shared learning or discussions on Moodle
  • Teaching materials

It isn't time to write the narrative or story of your experience for this unit yet so keep gathering your learning evidence and move on to module 4 :Reflective Practice: How can I use this?


If you have any course related questions make use of the Frequently Asked Question site on Moodle FAQs