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Department of Physics: Acharya Narendra Dev College

The department offers B. Sc (Honours) course in Physics. Besides this it is also responsible for teaching Physics courses in the following undergraduate courses
  1. B. Sc (Honours) Electronics
  2. B. Sc (Honours) Mathematics
  3. B. Sc (Honours) Chemistry
  4. B. Sc (Honours) Programme in Physical Science
  5. B. Sc (Honours) Programme in Applied Physical Science (Computer Science)
  6. B. Sc (Honours) Programme in Life Science
  7. B. Sc (Honours) Programme in Applied Science (Sericulture)


  1. Dr. Mamta Bhatia (on leave)
  2. Dr. Sanjeeta Rani
  3. Dr. Manisha Verma
  4. Dr. Shalu Dhanda
  5. Dr. Pankaj Tyagi
  6. Dr. Ashutosh Bhardwaj (on leave)
  7. Dr. Meenu Mohil
  8. Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri
  9. Dr. Preeti Agarwala (Teacher-in-charge)
  10. Mr. Ranjeet Singh
  11. Mr. Subhash Kumar
  12. Dr. Rachna Joshi
  13. Mr. Pawan Kumar
  14. Ms. Rashmi Menon
  15. Ms. Harsupreet Kaur
  16. Ms. Chetna Dang

Physentropy:The Physics Society

There was a Lecture by Professor V. S. Varma

Resources and Facilities

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