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Physics Society - Physentropy: this the department society of the Department of Physics: Acharya Narendra Dev College

About Physics society

The physics society 'PHYSENTROPY' celebrated its inaugural function in December 2002. The society function is held twice a year in the month of september and third week of December. It comprises of a series of lectures by eminient scientist and Professors from research institutes and universities. It also organises various academic, cultural events like quiz, paper reading, symposium ,skit and just a minuite etc.

Physics Festival (2008-09)

The department society function was celebrated on 16 September,2008 in the college Conference Hall. Professor Vijaya Varma from department of Physics,University of Delhi was invited to deliver a talk on What is this thing called science ?. Ohter attractions for the day included a skit titled Understanding is the key to knowledge and success through which the students conveyed the message that Physics is the essence of life without which vitality of life has no validity. It was well appreciated among students.A large number of students from various discipline enthusiastically participated and demonstrated their best in other events.The response to quiz was overwhelming and a preliminary round was held to select five teams out of twenty five teams for the final round. Students came up with current, academic and research oriented topics for symposium competition which included global warming, zinc oxide thin films, Big Bang, placebo effect, apoptosis, Biochemical oxygen demand etc. The festival provided an opportunity for students to interact among themselves and exhibit their talent.

Convener -Physics Society (Dr. Meenu Mohil)

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