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The purpose of this Website is to make available texts related to pedagogy that have been long forgotten.

These are texts that were published before psychology as we know it today: before Thorndike’s connectivism, Skinnerian behaviorism, and cognitivist-constructivism —provided the paradigms for understanding learning and education.

Ironically, it is precisely because they have been forgotten and neglected that they can be made freely available here: with one exception have not since been reprinted since the 1920's; and consequently, they have entered into the public domain and are no longer restricted by copyright.

All in high resolution scans; these texts are:

This site can consequently be retrieved in both the antiquated and contemporary senses of the term: They can be accessed much more easily than the crumbling acidic pages and library storage facilities allow. They can also be "retrieved" to memory as some of the sources for ways of thinking that are otherwise relegated to the realm of “unscientific” pedagogy. They understand pedagogy as more than simply at the service of “natural” learning and developmental processes. It instead occurs holistically, as a relational process between pupil and teacher, student and mentor, self and other, in terms of a biographical narrative of up-bringing, growing up and maturing.