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APPLIED SCIENCE 201 (2 Semesters) - SCC21S / SCP21S



This course consists of 2 independent semesters so a student may opt to do either a full year course or 1 semester.


14 credits in Level 1 Science and have gained an Achieved grade in a Physics or Chemistry based Achievement standard as appropriate for the semester chosen.

Exclusion: Students cannot study Chemistry 201 and the Chemistry semester of this course – similarly for the Physics semester and Physics 201. They can do Chemistry 201 and the Physics semester of this course or vice versa.


Semester 1: Physics (3 of the following topics) 

  1. Investigating Movement and Energy
  2. Understanding the science of waves
  3. Understanding the atomic and nuclear physics
  4. Understanding stars and planetary systems

Semester 2: Chemistry

There are three areas to this course

  1. Solution testing and water quality – investigating what is dissolved in water and aspects of water pollution.
  2. Investigating a recent discovery in Chemistry and its effects on society.
  3. Looking at common carbon based compounds – fuels, vinegar, food flavourings – how they interact and making and analysing them.


Physics: 10-11 credits depending on the topics chosen

Chemistry: 10 credits from 3 Achievement Standards


$25.00 workbooks, $25.00 field trips


This course is aimed for students who are interested in Physics and/or Chemistry. They are not suitable preparation for Year 13 Physics or Chemistry courses. They are preparation for some but not all Science courses at CPIT. University courses require Level 3 Physical Science courses. If you are thinking about either of these courses, you will need to seek career guidance to see if it is appropriate for you.

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