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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Audacity - Working

Exporting audio

Unfortunately Audacity doesn’t have the inbuilt ability to save or export files, to achieve this we need to install a add-on called lame_enc.dll which can be downloaded from the internet or Audacity site for Free. After Installing the Add-on, recording can be converted to mp3 format in with following steps:

1. On the File Menu select Export as mp3.

2. This leads to a save window, which requires you to name your recording and select where you would like to store it on your computer. Then select ok.

Considering File Size

When recording a Podcast considering the file size is very important, because at the end of the project the file will be made available on the internet, and when getting files from the internet the larger they are the longer they take to download. Therefore they want to be made as small as possible. To achieve this with a sound file there are three variables that can be altered:

1. The sample rate, this is a measure of how many times a second the computer makes a recording of your voice. Audacity has default settings between 11025Hz and 96000Hz. Hertz (Hz) is a frequency measure of per second. Therefore, lower frequency means fewer recordings per second. Of course lower frequency also means lower quality.

2. Sample Format, this is measured in bit. It simple means how bits of computer memory space the recording uses for each second of recording. Therefore once again the lower the number the lower the quality.


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