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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e-Learning in broader way

Selection of Technology to match the resources

Keeping in mind the profile of our learner’s ability to have access of available resources, we should choose the delivery mode of our e-Content in a way that each user could access and use the study material as per their convenience without forcing the user to pay for hefty equipments or any other technology.

For example, if we keep our program and quiz entirely online, may be some users are not having readily access to internet, 3G, wifi or any medium in his region. In that case, if user has to get access to internet, he may have to pay heavily to get radio connectivity in his region or he may have to relocate to another location.

In that case, he may not be interested in learning that specific course program and may lead to failure of program. But consider it sidewise, if we offer all the course material in CD format as well, then same user need not to worry of accessibility of content. He can visit the university or institution and take the CD/DVD and study them at his comfort.

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