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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Installing Moodle

Third - start Moodle installation

Start your web browser and type localhost, or or http://localhost in the address bar. You will either start your first time Moodle installation or if it is already installed you will enter the Moodle site's Front Page or Login screen.

A browser's address bar showing "localhost". Click on the green Goto arrow will go to the installed Moodle site. Set language

The initial install page will be displayed after you type "localhost".

Diagnostic results

A diagnostic report is displayed – hopefully it will look like this, if not you may need to address some issues.

Moodle paths

The paths for your Moodle installation are shown – if you are only using this as a local testing server, accept the ones that are shown on your screen. What you enter in the "Web Address" field depends on what you intend to use the new Moodle installation for. If you are just going to use it for local testing, then use 'http://localhost'. If you are going to test the new installation on a LAN, and will be accessing it from other machines on that LAN, then put the private IP address or network name of the serving machine, followed by a forward slash and Moodle: Web Address - you are going to test the installation on the internet, then you will need to put the public ip address followed by a forward slash and Moodle:

http://your_ip_address/moodle or you can put your domain name here instead.

Database configuration

  • In the next fields, we enter the database settings. The fields are populated with some suggested values.
  • We strongly recommend you place a user name and password in this screen. (Don't forget them).

The Site Administration block is on the left, the "Turn edit on" button in the upper right corner, with the site description block just below it.

This finishes the installation of a complete package. Type http://localhost (or whatever you set for web address earlier in the setup!) in your browser and Moodle will open.

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