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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e-Learning in broader way

Learner’s Profile

As per current scenario, learner at the urban areas have access to great technology like iPad, Android Pads, Laptops, 3G connectivity and always on Internet connections whereas in rural areas, very few learners have computers, Internet access and other multi-media facilities readily accessible with them. At some rural areas, universities and other Institutions of higher learning, have few computers, for the use of students and academic staff, however, they are not enough to meet the demand. Even, the majority of rural and semi-rural areas in India lack access to basic learning resources and necessary information like internet and PC at home. Owing to this situation, students are denied the chance to actively participate in the learning process and this seriously degrades the quality of provided education.

Internet connectivity plays an important role in delivering e-Content. Faster internet connections like broadband and wireless 3G connections, which came in Indian markets just couple of years ago, are taking place from urban to rural areas. These wireless dongle based 3G connections barricade all the hurdles in reaching rural/remote untouched areas which is using existing telecom network so that means whereever a user have a mobile phone connection, he can have the internet connection ready with him. All he need to have a Laptop or Personal computer or and Touch Pad to access the learning resources. We need to evaluate our learners profile on the basis of available mode of internet accessibility with them and then only we can ensure that our learner will be able to access the content effectively.

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