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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e-Learning in broader way

Appropriate Technology

The adoption of inappropriate technology may lead to failure of world’s any education program, which can be overcome by placing more attention on the processes of technology choice so that the groundwork may be laid for better policy and practice. So by adopting the “choice of technology” as a focus area for analyzing, we refer to recognizing and eliminating those inappropriate technology choices which can and do indeed occur. This way we can ensure the success of any program from very beginning. The concept of technology choice may be defined as the concept that:

  • There is frequently a range of alternative technological means available which are suitable for the attainment of primary objectives within a given field;
  • The number of alternatives in the range may be increased over time by conscious human effort;
  • Alternative technological means of similar suitability, for the attainment of certain primary objectives, may vary widely in their suitability for the attainment of secondary objectives;
  • The informed selection of technological means, taking into account secondary objectives as well as primary objectives, combined with long term efforts to expand the range of available alternatives, is an important element of social, economic and environmental policy.

This demonstrates that the concept of "technology choice", and its conceptual partner, "Appropriate Technology", can be useful tools for clarifying the issues of central importance to technology studies and technology policy.

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