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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e-Learning in broader way

Technology Analysis

In this chapter, we are going to analyze technical issues related to e-Learning resource. Technical constraints like available technology infrastructure for ICT and electricity. To design instructions that fit the infrastructure like bandwidth problems, limitations of computers, software availability, and delivery methodologies. Bandwidth & Computer Limitations: It may be the case that majority of learners you are targeting are not having a good quality internet connection at their home, or may be some of them may not even have PC’s at their home or in their reachability. May be a learner is capable of accessing internet from a location which is far away from his place. So in this kind of scenario, we can opt for delivering the lecture through a CD or DVD via courier / post at learner’s place. So these are the issues which need to be addressed while performing a technology choice selection.

Software Availability & Licensing

When it comes to software tools, there are many commercially and free software in the market to be used for the e-Learning system but using them depends on the financial status, technological infrastructure that exist, if can support and if suitable in user’s context.

The issue of using proprietary packages is out of question due to some reasons include the license cost and also the software incompatibility. Most of the commercial packages have high initial cost and high running cost (recurring license fee). There are many Open Source Softwares (OSS) as well which can be used in delivering e-Content but OSS needs customization in order to suit context and meet learners’ needs which require expertise in Open Source Programming Language development.

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