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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

The SCORM Run-Time Environment

The purpose of the SCORM Run-Time Environment (RTE) is to provide for interoperability between SCO and LMSs. For this to be possible, there must be a common way to launch content, a common way for content to communicate with an LMS, and predefined data elements that are exchanged between an LMS and content during its execution. The three components of the SCORM are defined as Launch, API and Data Model.

(i) Launch – Defines the conventions by which LMS and SCORM conforming content will be delivered and displayed to the learner.
(ii) The API – Provides a set of functions to enable communication between the LMS and the SCOs it launches. These functions complete the launch process by establishing a “handshake” between the SCO and the LMS that launched it, and breaking that handshake when the SCO is no longer needed.
(iii) The Data Model – Provides the vocabulary agreed to pass information, or to “get” and “set” data from and to an LMS when calling API functions.


E-Learning relies on digital-based learning curricula and contents which have been converted from paper forms. In addition, the contents need to be restructured to allow for ease of navigation, self-learning, access and self-test. There is need to develop a generic model for course content transformation into digitized form. A repository is a collection of learning objects (or metadata describing learning objects) that is managed by technology; it allows users to find, retrieve, publish or submit them via a network. e- Learning repository allows small building blocks (e-Learning objects) to be tagged for storage and subsequent retrieval, facilitating flexible re-use of small elements of learning, thereby allowing the sharing of objects across a wide variety of subjects and authors. In addition to housing LOs, repositories can store ‘locations’ for objects that are held elsewhere i.e. Virtual Objects or URLs.

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