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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Quality Framework for Development of MLM

Development phase – Creation, assembly and integration of media elements One of the important considerations for the Development phase would be that the media elements are IPR free or due credit is given in the MLMs. This would be a pre-requisite for any quality certification.

The second point is that the development is based on Design decisions. Some of the quality indicators clearly state this requirement.

Implementation – Putting the product into action Implementation is where the product is put into action. This entails attention to two key areas; detailing an implementation strategy and putting the required structures and mechanisms in place. Taking a holistic view of presenting the QAMLM as a solution to a learning problem, a quality assurance mechanism must provide guidelines and indicators for both these stages. However, it may be that, typically, Developers are not in charge of Implementation or have poor control over resource allocation and mechanisms for implementation. In such a situation, Developers may work out on strategy, resource allocations and supports, so that the Implementer gets a clear understanding of how to go about the implementation process. The quality assessment framework identifies the activities that needs to be in place answering questions of the “what needs to be done” and the indicators provide a measure to answer the “how can it be done well” type of questions.

Evaluation phase – Measure effectiveness, Recommendations for product improvement This phase covers various aspects related to the instructional, visual, technical design, pedagogy and costs etc. A framework has to be developed for effective assessment while ensuring adequate budgetary provisions are made for the same, and one that allows both formative and summative Evaluation. Prototype testing thus would form an important approach right from the design stage itself.

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