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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Quality Framework for Development of MLM

The ADDIE framework has five stages of activities – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. The input processes and sub- processes have been identified for each of the activities and the outcomes listed leading to the possible quality indicators are given in a tabular format while the scope of each activity is described briefly here.

Analysis Phase – Captures requirements, Sets expectations Prior to developing any multi-media materials several questions – relating to the target audience, the nature of MLM, the learning styles, the conditions under which utilized, the purpose for the MLM and the nature of the content – need to be answered. Unless there is clarity on these and several related issues the compatibility between the MLM and the learner may not be achieved. Analysis hence should capture the requirements and set expectations of the MLM. A study of analysis may be carried under five heads: needs, context, learner, task and content. These analyses would provide important inputs into design, development, implementation and assessment considerations.

Design phase – Sets the blueprint, defines the framework The Design phase considers three sub-processes Instructional Design Strategy, Visual Design and Technical Design. The quality indicators reflect key points for each sub-process. Though the focus of this document is Multimedia Learning Materials (MLMs), the Technical Design provides indicators with respect to compatibility for online delivery requirements and use of latest developments in technology. Considerations for online delivery requirements is an optional requirement, but is defined as a quality indicator to suggest scalability of a product. An important consideration for the various sub processes in the Design phase is that various strategies are contextually relevant, gender and racially sensitive. Prototype Testing is included in the Design Phase to enable make necessary changes before development.

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