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Steve Wheeler.

Three things you should know about Twitter by Steve Wheeler.

Steve is Associate Professor in Information & Computer Technology, School of Education (Faculty of Health, Education and Society) at Plymouth University.

Steve is well-known internationally for his work in social media and technology in education. Steve is author of the popular blog "Learning with e's" and he is @timbuckteeth on Twitter.

In this video signpost Steve Wheeler shares the reasons why he uses microblogging as a social media tool to support his professional activities in education.

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Key points
  • If you don't have a current microblog and are familiar with online technologies, you should work through the quickstart guide below.
  • If you prefer more detailed instructions and tips, you can consult the WikiEducator tutorial on microblogging


This quickstart guide is intended for learners who are familiar with using online technologies but do not have a microblog account. If you need more detailed instructions, you can delve into a little more detail by following the additional resource links or working sequentially through the subpages of this tutorial.
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Create a Twitter account
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Login to WikiEducator and post a WEnote below.

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