Instructions for Session 0 - Pre-course preparations

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Instructions for establishing your personal learning environment for OCL4Ed 13.09

You can choose to participate in our OCL4Ed micro Open Online Course (mOOC) in one of three ways: personal interest; certification for participation or assessed course credit.

We recommend that all participants contribute to the course using microblog posts. (You can post directly using WikiEducator's WENotes feature on the course dashboard, or using your own Twitter account. See how to create a free Twitter account if you don't have one.)

If you're interested in working towards certification for participation, you must:

  1. Create a personal blog (if you don't have one) before the course starts.
  2. Login to Wikieducator on the course homepage and register the url of your blog. (Note: Register the url for the public/published view of your blog - not the url for your blog dashboard used for editing posts.)
  3. Declare yourself on your course blog. (Remember to tag your post (called a label in blogger) using the code: OCL4Ed.

Bookmark the course dashboard in your browser and we look forward to meeting you when our course starts on Wednesday 4 September 2013.

Have a great week!

Your facilitators.