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Three ways to engage in this course

Earn recognition for your participation
  1. Self-directed interest: Learners in this category select concepts, topics and activities during the course according to personal interests. Sip and dip into sections of the course which you find interesting. A good way to interact with fellow participants is using microblog posts and selected forum posts is where appropriate. Many learners in this category participate actively during all sessions of the course, however there are no minimum participation requirements for self-interest learners.
  2. Certification for active participation: Certification for participation is based on the achieving the minimum participation metrics specified below. The OCL4Ed course offers two forms of certification for participation:
    • A free digital badge from the OER Foundation confirming that you have met the minimum participation requirements or
    • Certificate of participation issued as a PDF document confirming that you have met the minimum participation requirements. The issue of a PDF "Certificate of Participation" carries a nominal fee which contributes to the costs of issuing the Certificate.
  3. Learning for credit: Learners studying for credit are required to complete and submit the course assignment in addition to the minimum specified participation requirements. The formal assessment services will be provided by the UNESCO-COL Chair in OER at Otago Polytechnic. Otago Polytechnic provides formal assessment on a fee for service basis and successful achievement will carry 5 credits towards the 15 credit Open Education Practice elective in the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education.

Certification options and fees

You can participate in this course for free. In addition to the free learning, we offer a number of certification options:

  • Digital participation badge issued by the OER Foundation for learners who achieve the minimum specified participation requirements (Cost: Free).
  • Printed certificate of participation issued by the OER Foundation (Donation contributing towards the cost of issue NZ$10).
  • Micro-credential issued by Otago Polytechnic for successful learners who complete the formal assessment requirements. This micro-credential will carry credit towards the Open Education Practice Elective of the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education to be offered by the OERu. (Cost: NZ$80)

Two categories of activities

Learning activities in this course are divided into two categories:

Category Description Contribution to certification options
Short activities These are formative activities designed to contribute to your learning experience, networking and interaction with fellow students. These activities generally require between 1 to 15 minutes learning effort. Examples include:
  • Short quizzes with interactive feedback (not tracked or graded)
  • Microblog posts
  • Viewing short videos for reflection.
  • Designated forum posts
  • Case studies with interactive feedback (not tracked or graded)
  • Optional blog posts
Certification of participation specifies a minimum number of microblog, blog and discussion forum posts during the course.
Substantive E-Activities E-Activities are more comprehensive learning activities ranging from 1 to 3 hours of learning effort. The E-Activities require the learners to create something and the majority require learners to publish a blog post because we believe that the public sharing of ideas contributes to the quality of learning for both authors and readers. E-Activities contain:
  • A clear statement of purpose
  • Suggested stimulus links on the web which are selected to initiate the E-Activity
  • A list of suggested tasks
  • A statement of learning outcomes required to demonstrate your learning.
Certification of participation specifies a minimum number of E-Activities. The outputs of many of the course E-Activities are specified requirements for the final assignment in the course for learners seeking formal academic credit.

Registering usernames and IDs for tracking participation

Join the OCL4Ed conversation
Certification for participation is optional. Learners meeting the minimum participation specifications can apply for an OCL4Ed participation badge at no cost or request a pdf certificate of participation for a nominal fee. This is an experimental feature we are trialling with OCL4Ed 13.09.

Note that you will be required to register the following information on the course landing page before you commence activity on the course:

The participation certification is experimental and provided on an "AS-IS" and "AS-AVAILABLE" basis. Students are responsible for entering the correct information on registration. As this feature relies on 3rd party websites, we are unable to guarantee that these services will be operational for the duration of the course and we cannot guarantee that late registrations will track all your activity. Please note that the automated participation metric is final as we do not have the resources to attend to individual appeals in cases where the automated participation metrics may differ from what you believe these to be.

Minimum participation metrics

Type of activity Minimum participation threshold Comments
Microblog posts 20 posts ideally spread over the 5 sessions Posts on WEnotes, twitter or Google+ are counted as microblog posts.
Forum posts 5 Posts on the OCL4Ed Google+ Community are counted as forum posts. You must add the "#OCL4Ed" to forum posts to be counted.
Blog posts 3 of the specified blog posts Personal blog posts must be tagged or labelled using the "OCL4Ed" code plus you need to register these post to be counted as we need the session classification information. The introduction blog post does not count towards the minimum participation metrics.