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OER Foundation logo-small.pngOCWCLogo.jpgProject: Support resources for open content licensing in education

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Project Title: Training material on selecting appropriate licenses for open content

Project Contractor: OER Foundation

Terms of Reference

Within the framework of UNESCO’s effort to foster the creation of knowledge societies and support the development of related infrastructure that facilitates participation in the information society, UNESCO will work with the OER Foundation; hereinafter referred to as the Contractor; to create a set of training material and guide that enables developers and users of open educational resources (OER) to choose appropriate licensing regimes for OER products.

More specifically the Contractor shall:

  1. Identify the key technical/human resources required for conducting this project and make all necessary logistic arrangements including but not limited to developing a project workplan and budget;
  2. Conduct an assessment and review of existing support resources for Creative Commons licensing regimes applicable to the range of OER products and resources for the education sector. This review may include literature and practice reviews as well as discussions with stakeholders;
  3. On the basis of this review identify existing gaps as well as emerging and potential areas where clarity and guidance around licensing models for OERs are needed;
  4. Develop an online workshop utilizing a resource-based learning approach maximizing the reuse and modification of existing materials for addressing these gaps and conduct preliminary validation of this initial conceptual work with knowledgeable partners working in the area of copyright and OER;
  5. On the basis of the above work, develop online learning resources including presentations, a comparison guide, case studies, exercises and other material as appropriate aimed at supporting developers and users of OERs in understanding and making appropriate choices in the selection of licensing regimes and in reusing OER products;
  6. Advertise, organize and deliver a pilot on-line workshop that provides participants with a good conceptual understanding of the processes involved in choosing and using open content licenses”;
  7. Conduct an evaluation of the workshop to identify improvements for the workshop material;
  8. Publicize the new OER training/learning resources and disseminate it amongst the OER community and encourage the ongoing updating of this material. Also make this material available on stand-alone media which can be utilized for training in areas without connectivity;
  9. The Contractor will provide UNESCO with a non-exclusive copyright to reproduce, adapt, store and disseminate in an electronic retrieval system material produced under this contract;
  10. Throughout the life of the project, the Contractor will highlight the financial and technical support of UNESCO in all events, publications, press releases, websites, banners and posters related to this event. The contractor will also provide regular and ongoing updates on the activities and collaborate in the preparation of joint events that highlight this mutually beneficial cooperation;
  11. Submit to UNESCO by 20 October 2010 a workplan and budget for carrying out the project and the CVs of key persons involved in the implementation of this project;
  12. Submit to UNESCO by 31 January 2011 a certified financial statement and original receipts for project expenses and project report. As part of the project report, provide the URL of the web repository where the material produced under this activity has been created. The materials should be designed for self-paced learning;

(Comment.gif: UNESCO terms of reference are All rights reserved and the copyright if UNESCO.)