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OER Foundation logo-small.pngOCWCLogo.jpgProject: Support resources for open content licensing in education

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About the project

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The resources for open content licensing project is a collaboration among the OER Foundation, the OpenCourseWare Consortium, Creative Commoners and OER practitioners to remix and develop guidelines and support resources to assist educators and institutions in taking informed decisions about open content licenses.

The project focuses on the unique needs and context of the education sector and will provide educationally relevant advice on the implications of licensing choices with regards to promoting reuse, aggregation and sustainable growth of the global OER movement. Working together we can achieve far more than working alone.

This Open Content Licensing project is a subproject of the collection of strategic projects under the CollabOERate umbrella.


What we aim to achieve

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The purpose of the open content licensing project is to:
  • Develop guidelines and corresponding support materials to assist educators and institutions to take informed decisions about open content license choices.
  • Design and configure these materials using a resource-based learning approach for multiple reuse scenarios including, for instance, online reference materials, printed handouts, workshop activities
  • Design and configure these materials to maximise reuse in different geographical jurisdictions and languages.
  • Where possible, remix existing materials licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (Unported) license.
  • Develop a workshop outline and course schedule for a 4-hour professional development workshop (intended for both face-to-face and open online formats).
  • Prototype and offer an open global online workshop on open content licensing.


News and announcements

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UNESCO's Apia Office for Pacific States has provided the OER Foundation funding support for the Open Content Licensing collaboration (See Terms of Reference).
  • 9 September 2010: The OpenCourseWare Consortium scheduled a webinar to explore the feasibility of developing guidelines for educators in choosing open content licenses. The concept for a collaborative project was well received and the group agreed to set up a wiki portal for the project.



Discussion list feed

Please join our project email list hosted by the OpenCourseWare Consortium. (See email list archive.)

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