Agenda and minutes - 26 October 2010

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OER Foundation logo-small.pngOCWCLogo.jpgProject: Support resources for open content licensing in education

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Open content licensing project

(OER Foundation, WikiEducator, OCWC, Creative Commoners)


Virtual meeting held on 26 October 2010, 5pm EDT.

Welcome and Introductions



  • Support educators in taking informed decisions re CC licenses
  • Remix guidelines and corresponding support materials for educators
  • Resource-based approach to for multiple reuse scenarios
  • Mass free online workshops on choosing and using CC licenses in education

Project portal page (


  • Wayne welcomed all attendees.
  • Participants introduced themselves via audio or text chat.
  • The origins for the project emerged from informal discussions between Mary Lou Forward (OCWC) and Wayne Mackintosh (OER Foundation) concerning the mutual needs of OER projects for guidelines and support materials in helping educators take informed decisions around open content licenses. The idea was tested among a few participants during a virtual session held on 9 September 2010 and we decided to proceed with the intitiative.
  • In the interim the OER Foundation established a portal page for the project on WikiEducator and drafted a project plan in the wiki. OCWC have set up a email list for the project and the technologies for hosting virtual meetings.
  • UNESCO's Apia office have provided the OER Foundation with some funding support for progressing the project. Terms of reference have been uploaded to the project wiki.
  • The meeting has confirmed a general consensus for the proposed project plan with the understanding that as an open wiki project the plan can be refined and improved as the project progresses.
  • A number of participants have made valuable suggestions for the project and we have agreed to post these on the brainstorm list in the wiki.

Action items

  • All participants should subscribe to the email list hosted by OCWC. This will be the main vehicle for communication among project members. Meena and Wayne will add missing members to the list. (Individuals can unsubscribe themselves.)
  • Participants must add their ideas, thoughts and suggestions to the brainstorm list. Preferably by the close of business on Friday 29 October 2010.
  • Participants should continue to add links to existing resources that are available for remix. Mike Linksvayer from Creative Commons will point us to suitable materials hosted on the CC international site.
  • Participants will spread the word among their networks and invite colleagues with an interest in contributing to the project to sign up by adding their names to the participant page and help us to complete the project successfully.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 5.32pm EDT.