Independent Practice -- WeatherWatch

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Each portion of this Working with Spreadsheets tutorial concludes with a practice activity, offering an opportunity for you to independently practice some of the skills presented. In this activity you will be creating a spreadsheet, called Weather Watch. The activity begins here and builds over the subsequent portions of the tutorial such that by the end, you will have created a full working spreadsheet.

Follow the instructions provided below to take the first steps in the creation of the file WeatherWatch.ods.

Icon activity.jpg Activity
  • Open the Calc application.
  • Create a new spreadsheet.
  • Type "Weather Watch - Daily Temperatures - May 2009" beginning in cell A1.
  • Type "Date" in cell A3.
  • Type "Daily High Temperature" in cell B3.
  • Type "Daily Low Temperature" in cell D3.
  • Type "Record?" in cell F3.
  • Rename the sheet "Temperature".
  • Save the spreadsheet with the name "WeatherWatch" in the ods format. (If you haven't already, you may want to create a new folder, e.g., Calc Tutorial, to store your practice worksheets.)

Choose [show] on the right to view how the spreadsheet will look when you've completed these steps.

  • Close the WeatherWatch.ods spreadsheet.
  • Quit the Calc application.