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We will be having a regular dialogue about good governance throughout the Commonwealth, and we invite your input and contributions. Our discussions are integrated with the content development on WikiEducator and WikiGovernance.

We are very pleased to have Sir John DanielPresident & CEO, at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) as our first presenter.

We would like to focus discussions on one single question per week.

These discussions will then be wrapped up and Sir John Daniel will make a statment for further discussion in the following week.

We invite you to introduce yourself under the appropriate link in the Google Groups Discussion Forum,if you have not done so already, and comment on Question 1:

Week 1: May 5-9, 2008

1. Based on your knowldege and exerience, what are the 3 most important considerations for successful initaitives in good governance internventions?

Week 2: May 12-16, 2008

2. What elements and approaches are important to ensure inclusive participation in decision-making? Is culture important?

Week 3: May 19-23, 2008

3. Often times conflicts or tensions in a community provide the best opportunities to engage governmetns and citizens to develop new ways of doing things. Are there lessons to be learned from these situations that could be applied to non-conflict situations?

Please register through the channels set up right here