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A. Finding Images

  1. Go to or another image finding service.
  2. Insert your keywords, to obtain a specific image.
  3. When you see an image that you like, click on it to bring up the original page.
  4. Then, put your cursor on the image, and right-click - "Copy Link Location" (If you can't right-click, or you don't see it, you'll have to browse the various commands on your Application Menu - Hint: it might be under "Edit", but no guarantees!)
  5. Copy this Image Link into the Dialog Box "Open Image" - from Point B5 below
  6. Click "Preview" to make sure that the image displays properly.
  7. If it does, then click "OK" - the window will close, and you will see the image in your discussion box
  8. If it does not, then go back to Flickr to find an image that works! (.jpg images tend to work best)

B. Inserting an Image into a Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum2.jpg
  1. Go to the Discussion Forum Entry Box and read the entries.
  2. Decide which words or phrases bring up a certain keyword or image.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like to insert an image
  4. Go up to the Menu Bar, and click on the Icon that looks like a min-picture in a frame (in some browsers, if you put your cursor over the icon, it will say "Add/Modify Image")

# A Dialog Box will open up called "Insert Image".

Add Image.jpg
  1. The first data field will say: "Image URL", with a button that says "Preview".
  2. Insert the hyperlink that you obtain from Flickr, or another image service.
  3. Click "Preview" to make sure that the image shows - if it doesn't, it's probably not in the right format, and you may have to find another one that is.
  4. If the image shows, click "OK".

C. Resizing an Image

  • Sometimes when you insert an image into the Discussion Box, it needs to be resized.
  • Simply place your cursor at the corner of your image, click and you can resize the photo to your heart's content.
  • Make sure to click "OK" and save your work

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