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Psychological influences on performance
Estimated time for completion: 15 hours
In this section we’re going to get a little more detailed about a specific psychological influence on sport performance. This might be in a sport in which you are involved directly as an athlete or coach, or perhaps in a sport that you enjoy as a spectator.

Choosing one of the following psychological influences on performance commonly addressed in the sport psychology literature, locate and read one or more articles related to your chosen psychological factor from the list of Open Access Online Journals or the Resource bank.

  • anxiety
  • concentration
  • moods and emotions
  • motivation
  • self-confidence
  • team dynamics

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To complete this Task:

Examples might include outlining the effects of anxiety in tennis, the effects of concentration in golf, or the importance of team dynamics in hockey.
Video tutorial
Before searching for information, you might like to review the short tutorial in the Introductory task.